News: My old studio building was shut down by the city of San Diego, presumably for fire hazards. So please don’t go there; you may burn.

Blog-Thought of the moment: Antisocial Media Technology

Over the last few years I’ve been mostly disengaged from all forms of social media. I couldn’t reason my way around knowing that I was wasting untold time and energy interacting with disembodied images on illuminated screens:

  • images of people I used to know and don’t wish to be reminded of;
  • images of people I think I might like to know, but likely never will;
  • images of people I would never want to know but can’t escape awareness of due to their dominating presence;
  • images of people for whom I have no feelings, will never know, and would prefer never to be made aware of.

A tiny sliver of the images on illuminated screens are of people I know and interact with, or of others who I don’t know but would still like to be aware of. But for me, participating in social media is just not worth the effort required to filter out all the trash. The problems lie not with people or illuminated screens, but with context and technology. Maybe tech will improve so that all irrelvant or annoying images on social media will disappear. I doubt it, because the impetus of social media technology has less to do with improving lives than it does with creating mass stupidity where it didn’t previously exist in order to generate profit for a very small number of people. There has to be a better way. Maybe social media itself will disappear and a more intelligent context will emerge. I’ll give it a few more years and check back.

Until then, I’ll keep making paintings.