News: My old studio building was shut down by the city of San Diego, presumably for fire hazard issues. So please don’t go there. It’s unsafe!

Blog-Thought of the moment: Antisocial Media

Over the last few years I’ve been mostly disengaged from all forms of social media. It’s been great!! I couldn’t reason my way around knowing that I was wasting untold time and energy interacting with disembodied images on illuminated screens. The problems of social media lie not with people or illuminated screens, but with context and technology. Maybe the context will improve. Maybe the toxic elements will disappear. This could happen if the impetus of social media had less to do with encouraging mass stupidity in order to generate profit for a very small number of people. There has to be a better way. Maybe social media itself will disappear and something more intelligent will emerge. I’ll give it a few more years and check back.

As always, I’ll keep making paintings!